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APP FEATURES Our app is loaded full of great features that are elegant, clean and responsive to create a great experience for the user.

Our Mission

We make clothing rental simple, convenient and lucrative while helping the world travel much... much lighter.

Elegant And Responsive

The colors are appealing and easy to the eye, especially the soft blue that rests majestically on a white background, occasionally making room for other colors to lift the elegance level of each page.

Screen Shop at will - You’re in Control

Looking for clothes and accessories is made much easier with the search system we have implemented on Dress n’ GO! Part of our mission was to put the user in control.

Imagination unleashed

Keeping our finger on the pulse of technology innovation, we have added 2 amazing features to our app: One that facilitates communication between users and stylists with video chat. The other one is a Virtual Dressing Room that will allow users to try clothes and accessories from their shopping cart directly onto their selfie in real time.

Highest Security Level

We take matters of cyber security very seriously. We continuously make concerted efforts to stay on top on new security systems and encryption software because safeguarding our users’ private and sensitive information is our top priority.


The concept of Dress n’ GO! is really, really, really simple. So simple it can be summed up like this: Never pay luggage fees again...ever!
Go ahead, we know you’re dying to ask. How?
By facilitating clothing and accessory rentals between individuals, fashion designers and department stores . Think Airbnb for your clothes. Read more Have you ever paid luggage fees when traveling? If not, well, you are a very lucky person.
But consider this - each year, airlines add billions of dollars to their financial bottom line thanks to the $20, $25, $30, $50 or more they charge travelers here and there for excess luggage weight. Yes, those amounts may sound small when you look at them from an individual angle but they add up real fast! And let’s face it, packing is annoying and time-consuming; hauling suitcases through the airport and standing in line to check them in is exhausting; let’s not forget the fact that airlines are notorious for losing or misplacing travelers’ bags...that’s scary! And this has been the norm in the traveling experience for most people. At least until now.
Enter… DRESS n’ GO! which is a mobile application that facilitates clothing and accessory rentals between individuals, fashion designers and department stores. It was born from a necessity to offer people an alternative - and possibly - peace of mind that should come with the traveling experience. This mobile application gives travelers the freedom and time they need to enjoy their trip.

Here’s how it works

Imagine you were traveling to New York from Los Angeles for a week and all you would take with you was your undergarments and laptop. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Indeed, it would because before traveling, you would go to the DRESS n’ GO! app on your smartphone and select all the clothing items you’re going to need in New york for that week. You can select them by size, color, brand or price range. From shirts, suits,dresses, skirts to Jeans, sports jackets, sweaters, shoes, beauty and grooming products and other accessories, you can rent most of everything you know you’re going to need during your stay in New York. Your options are to rent each item per day at a very affordable price or buy items at reduced prices.Read more
After your selection and payment, you’ll be prompted to enter the address in New York where you would like your package to be delivered. And by the time you get to New York, your package will be waiting for you with a nice personalized hand-written note welcoming you to the city.
You can use your clothes as many times as you want during the rental period. Once the rental period has come to an end, all you have to do is place all the items into the bag provided for pickup. That’s it! Everything you used will be cleaned, sanitized and put back into circulation for someone else to use. And just like that, you’ll be on your way back to Los Angeles without worrying about standing in long lines at the airport to check in your bags or wondering if your bags will ever make it to your destination. Peace of mind… priceless!

Wait...there’s more!

The DRESS n’ GO! application goes beyond just the traveling aspect. In the last wave of community evolution, there has been an amazing building of trust among people who don’t know each other. As a result, the sharing economy that is sweeping the world right now was born. People are sharing their homes with complete strangers, their cars, their services, their offices and much more. It’s incredible! The next natural step to add to this human experience was to have strangers share clothes with one another. So, here we are. Read more
It’s safe to say that most people have great outfits hanging in their closets that they hardly ever wear. The main reason: waiting for special occasions to bust them out. Well, Dress n’ GO! Offers to put your clothes to work. Let them work for you for a change.One of the other exciting features we have added to our app is allowing people to rent out their clothes through our easy-to- use platform. Every time someone else in your city rents one of your pieces, you make money.
And for those who need a little help selecting an outfit for a specific occasion, we have launched Stylist On Demand within our Dress n’ GO! application. Here, you can have a video chat with an experienced stylist who will walk you through everything you need to know about a specific style. She or he will help you select one or several outfits to suit your wishes. Et voila!
The other aspect of our operation - possibly the most important of them all - is our conscious effort to help save our planet. True, this may sound like a lofty goal but we are determined to do our part in accomplishing that mission. Being “green” is as simple as reusing and recycling things. In the case of DRESS n’ GO! we want to encourage people to look great in their fashion by reusing each other’s clothes. As a consequence, people will buy less because everything they need would already belong to someone in their community. No more massive cleaning, no gigantic storage required any longer,and no longer will consumers feel the need to trick stores by purchasing clothes only to return them because they never had any intention of buying in the first place. With DRESS n’ GO! we want people to know that the world really IS their wardrobe and they can grab anything they want from it and use it when, where and for as long as they need.

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Founder / CEO

L. Christian Amougou Founder / CEO

Christian is an ambitious adventurer and a fearless visionary - one who believes that there’s a solution to every problem.


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